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Venera used to be born to put on swimsuits and put on them in a sunny, hot, obese local weather. Since fresh regulations restrict foreign-born fashions from posing within the U.S., Venera traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica all-expenses paid to stance for SCORE. Venera commences the joy via presenting herself at poolside on a vivid, sunny day. Brat wears a milky, extraordinary swimsuit studded with rows of rosy thingies and steaming rosy top stilettos. Rosy is Venera’s dearest colour. Her dimensions are epic. What’s the sound of 2 udders clapping? The blond sweetheart wiggles them frantically over the digital camera, making that acquainted smacking sound of massive breastflesh smacking in combination, till one shoots a load out of its swimsuit most sensible. Venera flips and displays her bum, her “cock-squeezing bum,” her “lil’, mischievous bum,” says Venera with a blessed sneer and a crazy glint in her eyes, smacking it for emphasis. Venera extracts her bra-stuffers from their swimsuit jail and resumes to wag them backward and forward. Being face-pummeled and motorboated via the ones incredible bra-stuffers is likely one of the worthiest targets a boob-man may just try for. And that is best the embarking of Venera’s vid Swimsuit Paradise. Venera herself says on this flick that neonate likes the sounds of smacking knockers. Brat’s a sassy gal and her English is supreme. Her jaw-dropping converse makes her orb and puss have fun even hotter.

Date: January 3, 2019